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Cardiothoracic Surgical Art Series

Cardiothoracic surgical art for print or online use.

Dr Levent Efe is renowned for his cardiothoracic surgical art, he has had extensive experience in illustrating techniques by prominent heart surgeons in Australia and internationally. His still images of various cardiothoracic procedures tell the story of pioneering procedures in a calm, concise and easy-to-understand manner. The illustrations serve as an effective communication tool to increase patient confidence and allay any fears.

The images are mostly sequential, narrating the story of the procedure as well as an animation. Each step of the procedure is labeled, so the cardiothoracic specialist can write captions, describing the technique in their own words. The images can easily be added to their website or print material, or be used in consultation to walk the patient through the process.

Dr Levent Efe recently contributed illustrations for the book: “Chest Surgery Atlas” (325 illustrations) to be published by Springer Publishers/Germany, by mid-2014.

Cardiothoracic illustrations – for online or print publication.

Below are illustrations (in low or high resolution) of pioneering Cardiothoracic procedures, with many more to come: