Dr. Efe’s Medical Art Store

Dr. Efe’s Medical Art Store is an online medical illustration and surgical art bank that sells original medical illustrations suitable for either print (hi resolution) or online (low resolution) use. The illustrations can be downloaded immediately from our online store.

Why use a medical illustration?

Medical illustrations are perfect for educational or marketing purposes by doctors, specialists, clinics, surgical associations, and publishers of books and medical journals.

Our collection of medical art includes generic, patient-friendly still images of medical conditions, anatomical parts, pathologies and surgical procedures.

Medical illustrations are ideal for patient communication.

Medical illustrations are a great tool for a doctor to efficiently explain a procedure to their patient and for the patient to absorb the information at their own pace. The illustrations have an easy-to-understand narrative, and work as an effective story-telling tool to increase patient confidence and allay fears.

Dr. Levent Efe,
“Any person would be justifiably concerned when they are told an obscure medical procedure needs to be done. But proper visual information, coupled with other informative material empowers patients to go through any treatment successfully.”
Dr. Levent Efe, / CMI.

The sequential still images are as effective and powerful as animated images, but unlike animations, they convey a calmness and clarity that helps to foster compliant and well-informed patients.

Dr. Levent Efe,
“While animated images play a crucial role in this informative process, 2D still images have the everlasting power and influence on any viewer. With an easy-flowing, focused layout and carefully chosen camera angles, sequential still illustrations may have a more powerful impact with the viewer taking their own pace and concentration.”
Dr. Levent Efe, / CMI.

Royalty-free, non-exclusive worldwide licence for usage.

New illustrations are being constantly uploaded and our collections being added to so please check back often! To view our entire range, please browse:

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We offer a non-exclusive, worldwide licence and royalty-free images that you can easily download from our online art store.
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About Levent Efe, CMI.

Creative Director, Medical Art Store

Dr. Levent Efe earned his medical degree in Istanbul, Turkey (1982).

After four years in General Practice, he taught both Anatomy and Artistic Anatomy at the Marmara University Medical School in Istanbul.

Dr Levent then undertook a fellowship in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, at Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland, in 1988.

He now maintains Medical Art Store – an independent Medical Illustration business in Melbourne, Australia. With a team of talented artists, Levent is now able to meet the most difficult deadlines, with the best artistic results.

Dr. Levent Efe,
“The illustrations generated at the Levent Efe medical illustration studios are the products of thorough research and an excellent team of medical art professionals. We regularly contribute to the research work of world-renowned leading surgeons, and continually visualize pioneering surgical procedures for peer-reviewed journals and surgical textbooks.”
Dr. Levent Efe, / CMI.

Levent Efe is a certified member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA), and active member of Illustrators Australia and Australian Cartoonists Association (ACA).

Recent Books

Chest Surgery Atlas: due July 2014 (340 illustrations).
Laparoscopy in Children: released 2013 (192 illustrations).

You can find out more about Levent Efe and his art at his website: http://www.leventefe.com.au/, or contact him directly on levent@leventefe.com.au