Agreement means this document called ‘Non-Exclusive Copyright Licence Visual Works Online Use’.

Consumer Price Index or CPI means the fixed weighted price index which measures the quarterly changes in the price of retail goods and services and other items such as housing, government charges and consumer credit charges, as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from time to time.

High Resolution means any file by which digital resolution of images may be reproduced or transmitted in excess of 72dpi and a pixel size not exceeding 600, depending on the format of the work of art;

Licence means the licence granted by the Licensor to the Licensee in clause 1;

Licence Fee means the Licence Fee described in clause 23 and calculated by reference to t he price prevailing

from tiem to time set out on the Licensor’s website;

Licensed Use means each publication and reproduction in digital form or communication of a Licensed Work via Multimedia;

Licensed Work means each and every Work for which:

(a) the Licensor is the agent for the copyright holder of the Work; and

(b) the Licensor has obtained licences for the electronic publications, reproduction(s) or communication of

those Works;

Low Resolution means digital resolution of images is restricted to 72dpi with a pixel size not exceeding 600, depending on the format of the work of art. This resolution restriction allows the quality of the images to be sufficient enough to allow good on-screen viewing but does not enable a reproduction quality copy to be made for further reproductionsor as from time to time;

Multimedia means any public access to digital information via the following electronic means:

(a) Networks;

(b) touchscreens (kiosks which are print disabled);

(c) monitors; and

(d) reproductions in hard-copy or electronic format howsoever made;

Service provider means any service provider contracted by the Licensee to provide facilities, maintenance and other services relating to the Networks and touchscreens as instructed by the Licensee;

Networks means any and all Licensee websites or computer networks and all the Licensors internal databases which may be accessed by the Licensee, its servants or agents, or by customers or intending customers of the Licensee;

Work means a work of visual art or of artistic craftsmanship stored, published, reproduced or communicated electronically;